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At Qualtest, we understand that it is critical to confirm and identify the type of
fungi present in the environment because of the sheer number of fungi that are
ambient, and the large potential for health risk related to fungal exposure. The
use of a qualified laboratory for this purpose helps to ensure that a proper course
of remedial action is followed based on fungal identification and enumeration.

In General, the very young, the elderly, and the immune-compromised
individuals are at most risk to fungal exposure. It is essential to note that
sensitivity to mold ranges dramatically from individual to individual.

Mold exposure from homes, schools, or work places can cause a variety of
symptoms ranging from minor allergic reactions to extremely severe, life
threatening disease. The mold concentration that causes a severe reaction to one
person may be readily tolerated by another. Documented health effects from
mold exposure include headache, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, congestion,
fever, nausea, eye, ear and throat irritation, and even death.

Mold can often be hidden from view and cannot be seen or smelt. As a
consequence, individuals may experience health effects without ever knowing
the cause. It is vital that IAQ professionals thoroughly search for mold in walls,
attics, and crawl spaces or areas where moisture intrusion exists. IAQ
professionals should have a strong relationship with a qualified microbiology

Not all IAQ problems stem from mold. There are many other factors involved.
Qualtest offers Airborne Aerosol Particle and Dust Characterization analyses to
help determine the solution when mold is not.

Qualtest maintains an exceptional reputation amongst IAQ professionals. In
addition to properly analyzing environmental samples for fungal identification
and enumeration, Qualtest assists its clients in interpretation of the fungal
analysis results, IAQ problem-solving, and supplying clients with current IAQ
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